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A Glass Balustrade

- Diverse Options​

We are dedicated to providing the perfect glass balustrade solution for your patio, terrace, balcony, or outdoor dining area. Explore our range of unique glass balustrade variants to find your ideal match.

At ground level

We offer a range of ground-level glass balustrade variants to suit diverse needs and preferences.

On the balcony

We provide a variety of balcony glass balustrade options for different balcony styles and requirements.

Inside railing

We offer two variants of glass railings for retrofitting wind protection.

A Glass Balustrade - Diverse Options

ClickitUp® are avaible in several diffrent options that all combining elegance, safety, and functionality.

For more information about the different glass balustades in the ClickitUp® series read our brochure.

Glass balustrades - for the ground level

For environments located at ground level outdoors the options recommended are ClickitUp, CiUFixed, or CiUFlex.
For ground-level it is important to note that balustrades should not be installed where there is a risk of falling.
Now, we also offer a freestanding adjustable glass balustrade – ClickitUp Free Standing.


Ideal for cafes and homes that need adjustable glass balustrade for weather protection.


Elegant fixed glass balustrade that are ideal for areas with no need for wind protection.


A flexible balustrade solution that starts fixed with an option to add wind protection later.

New: Freestanding ClickitUp

Experience the ultimate combination of functionality and aesthetics with our freestanding adjustable glass balustrade that requires no ground anchoring.

Choose ClickitUp Free Standing with either an integrated and stylish flower box or bench to make the section stable and functional.

ClickitUp Free Standing builds on our original ClickitUp® system.

Download and explore our brochure specially designed for HORECA

Feel free to contact us, and we will help design your project. 


Glass balustrades - for balcony

In outdoor settings where there is a risk of falling we offer glass balustrades with balcony glass. Our balcony glass balustrades are rigorously tested. ClickitUpBalcony, CiUBalconyFixed, CiUBalconyFlex are designed to meet safety regulations without compromising on elegance. 


Offers clear views and wind protection with a movable upper section for terraces.


Stylish, fixed balustrade, compatible with our adjustable models for seamless integration.


Fixed balustrade that are upgradeable with a movable upper section for windprotection.

Glass balustrades - Inside an existing railing

The ClickitUpInside offers a glass balustrade solution ideal for retrofitting. It is the perfect choice when there is already an approved balustrade in the outdoor area. ClickitUpInside600 and ClickitUpInside1100 are designed to be installed within an existing railing.


Retrofit glass windbreak suitable for existing balconies perfect for complete balustrades.


Similar to ClickitUp but with unique ground mounts that fits near existing balustrades or walls.

ErgoSafe’s ClickitUp® branded glass balustrades are design-protected by: design right 002416248. 001-005. 3/3 2014.