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  • ABOUT ClickitUp® by ErgoSafe

ABOUT ClickitUp® by ErgoSafe

ClickitUp® Glass Balustrades: Where Design, Quality, Safety, and Functionality are in focus. The elegant profile, achieved through a unique fusion of glass, aluminum, and structural glazing bonding, places the spotlight on glass transparency. Launched in 2014, ClickitUp® is the original free-edge, height-adjustable glass balustrade and it offering an almost crystal-clear view. The glass balustrades come in a serie with many options, all developed for where they will be placed.

ErgoSafe is the company behind ClickitUp®. 

ClickitUp® are produced in ErgoSafes own factory in Halmstad, Sweden.

The story behind ClickitUp by ErgoSafe is a tale of innovative thinking and the ambition to create a groundbreaking glass balustrade solution.

The company ErgoSafe AB, based in Sweden, was founded with a strong desire to combine design, quality, safety, and functionality into a single product. The first exciting step was to develop a glass balustrade solution that would be both aesthetically pleasing and functional while meeting high safety standards.

In the process, ErgoSafe AB developed the innovative technique of combining glass, aluminum, and structural bonding to create a minimalist and transparent glass balustrade design. This unique approach allowed the glass to be bonded directly to the aluminum profiles without visible posts or fixtures, creating a virtually crystal-clear view.

The launch of ClickitUp® took place in 2014 and marked the beginning of a new era for the glass balustrade industry. As the original height-adjustable glass balustrade solution, ClickitUp® offered a unique opportunity to customize the height as needed.

Since then, ClickitUp® has continued to evolve and now offers a wide range of different variants designed to suit various use cases and design preferences. The story behind ClickitUp® is a tale of dedication to quality, innovation, and a commitment to providing the best glass balustrade solutions in the market.

Yes, ClickitUp® holds design rights. Having design rights means that the specific visual design, appearance, and ornamental features of ClickitUp® glass balustrades are legally protected. This protection prevents others from making, using, selling, or importing products that copy or imitate ClickitUp’s distinctive design without authorization. 


The glass is safety glass – tempered or laminated.

Glass and aluminum are our single largest constituent materials in our products. These materials have a long lifespan and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The glass we use in our products is safety glass and is resistant. The laminated glass is the most durable and remains intact even if it were to be damaged


The standard color is natural anodised. Optionally, at an additional charge, we offer black anodised or powder coating in any RAL color. Note that in powder-coated finishes, only the lowermost outer aluminium posts are painted.

Getting a quote for our glass balustrades is completely free. You can submit a quote form with pictures and sketches attached for reference. 


An instruction manual containing the installation guide is included with the delivery of ClickitUp®

Yes, you can install it yourself, but we strongly recommend professional installation to ensure the balustrades withstand wind loads and are fastened securely. For guidance, refer to our “How to install ClickitUp®” video. You find this on youtube @clickitup-by-ergosafe


For the glass, use regular window cleaner and our aluminum profiles should be cleaned with a neutral cleaning agent followed by rinsing with water.

Never hesitate to contact our employees for support. We are more than happy to help!


BEING AT THE FOREFRONT IS A GIVEN FOR US. We aim to be at the forefront of sustainability in our industry and are prepared to invest the resources necessary to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society for people, the planet, and prosperity.

WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE. ErgoSafe wants to take responsibility and has therefore placed sustainability at the top of our agenda. We believe in our influence and the benefits that are generated when it comes to our actions as a company for sustainable development.

Being a producing company with all our production and development in Sweden, having short decision-making paths and a corporate climate that stands for always being able to do better are seen as central parts of our sustainability journey.


All metals are sorted as metal recycling.
Plastics and rubber are sorted as combustible.
Glass is sorted as fill material.

ClickitUp® has a second-hand market because the system can be dismantled and resold.