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premium glass balustrades


ClickitUp® are designed and produced in Sweden by ErgoSafe and are glass balustrades that combines design, quality, safety and function in one.

ErgoSafes premium glass balustrades are vailable for restaurants, private homes and property developments and in different shapes and forms – ClickitUp® will match your high expectations!

Inspired by

innovative thinking

The glass balustrade ClickitUp® has been developed with a unique vision to combine design, quality, safety, and functionality. Its sleek silhouette is the result of a harmonious combination of materials and techniques: glass, aluminum, and the structural glazing bonding technique. This method, where the glass is directly bonded to the aluminum profiles, creates the balustrade’s minimalist aesthetic, with a focus on the transparency of the glass.

This innovation has led to ClickitUp® being the original free-edge height-adjustable glass balustrade.

We are commited

to a sustainable future

We take our responsibility for the present and future seriously by prioritizing sustainability. Believing in the positive impact of our actions, ErgoSafe strives for continual improvement in sustainable development.

Central to our sustainability journey is our role as a manufacturing company with efficient decision-making processes and a proactive business climate. These aspects are fundamental in driving our sustainable progress, enabling us to continuously adapt and improve in response to the evolving needs of a sustainable society.

Made in Sweden

We are proud to be a manufacturing company with all our production and development in Sweden. We see many advantages in being able to control and impact large parts of our value chain.

Together we do better

We want to work together with others who also make good choices for the environment and act sustainably. By owning our production, we have the opportunity to fully influence who we collaborate with.

Our "RAKET" leads us

We value participation, an open climate where all employees are heard and included. At ErgoSafe, we have collectively developed our guiding principles that form our "RAKET"

Quality & safety

is a main focus

As a forward thinking company, quality & safety issues are constantly in focus at ErgoSafe, the company behind ClickitUp® glass balustrades. ErgoSafe operates its own factory in Halmstad where all the production and development activities are centralized.

 This setup ensures that our glass balustrades are of the highest quality, crafted by our skilled team. Our facilities are modern and well-equipped, embodying a commitment to a high-quality working environment. 

ErgoSafe focuses on safety that includes performing tests to make sure thet all products meet high safety standards.